Speaking the Language of the Heart

By Miranda Alcott, M.A., Intuitive Counselor for Humans and Their Animals

I came into this live with enhanced capacities for seeing the invisible and
hearing the inaudible. . .
(Excerpts continue. . . )

All of us are born with the ability to communicate freely, to learn any
language and to sense meaning in the movements of each other and the
elements.  However in our non-indigenous Western cultures, most of us
learn to restrict the band-width of our communications to people in our
immediate environment.  We, thus, lose an essential survival skill, now more
important than ever in this time of sudden and dramatic Earth changes.  The
language of intuition.

I was fortunate in being born to parents who had dedicated a portion of their
lives to exploring realms of reality and ways of knowing outside the normal
range of human perception.  I am grateful now that they encouraged my
unusual sensitivities and talents.  But these abilities did not always feel like
'gifts' to me as they sometimes brought unwanted images of painful,
unstoppable future events. . .

I spent my early adult hood as a professional musician.  But my life path was
unexpectedly altered by an auto accident that led to the loss of my hearing
and the extraordinary amplification of my intuitive gifts.  I then devoted
myself exclusively to using my gifts to help people access the wisdom within
and around them in order to resolve their conflicts and realize their reason
for being.

Disasters such as the recent tsunami It also alerts us to the need to recover
our innate capacity to hear that which no instrument can yet detect.. . .

A few years ago I began teaching a way of being that I call
HarmoniousListeningTM.  Through the processes we share in my
workshops and the energy activations that occur within the participants,
students find they are able to rebuild or strengthen the bridge of
communication that makes it possible to live in greater harmony with the
natural world.