Herb Trimpe
Address withheld by request
New York
October 17, 2002

To whom it may concern,
It is with great pleasure that I write a letter on behalf of Miranda Alcott
and the wonderful work she was  involved in at Ground Zero, the World
Trade Center disaster site in New York City.  I was a morgue chaplain
at the site, involved in the spiritual aspect of the recovery of human
remains and was privileged to work with people who provided
assistance to all the New York City agencies working there.  Miranda
was one of those people.  To be precise, her outstanding work was
essential to the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of the
workers at the site.  But that's not the whole story.  Under the auspices
of Disaster Relief K-9, Miranda worked in partnership with her beloved
Crisis Intervention Canine, Whisper.
I myself was a recipient of the unique counseling offered by Miranda
and Whisper.  It is impossible to describe the circumstances that
existed at Ground Zero during the recovery period.  Workers from the
city agencies, many of whom had been coming to the site since day
one were haggard, overworked, driven, even obsessed with staying on
the job until it was completed.  Many kept at it long past the time when it
should have ended for them, and there were those workers, as some
have described it, with the "thousand mile stare."  These are the people
who Miranda came in contact with.  They are the people who, as the
result of her high moral character and integrity, benefited from her skill
and her caring.  The value of Miranda's work at the site cannot be
I remember the first time Miranda and Whisper came to the morgue.  
The response by the workers was immediate.  The EMTs. The medical
examiner, the police assigned to the area, and the clean-up contractors
were drawn to Miranda and Whisper.  And they in turn, responded.  In
the morgue environment, scratching a dog's head and giving her a
hug, was refreshing and soothing -- a welcomed relief to the necessary
work being done, and Miranda's easy going manner and user-friendly
style was obvious that those she was ministering to were greatly
edified.  Miranda's sensitive and caring spiritual perspective offered a
much appreciated service to those in need.  I cannot think of, or
recommend more highly, anyone more qualified to work in the filed of
Crisis Response/Disaster Relief than Miranda Alcott.

Very sincerely yours,

Herb Trimpe, deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of New York