Do You Know Who You
Are Living With?
By Miranda Alcott, MA
Probably one of the most advanced personal health care
givers we have today is living right in our homes.  But how
aware are we of the impact of their counseling skills, healing
insights, ‘placebo effects’ and diversionary tactics in our daily
"Whatever you do," Alcott says, "please don't use the P word in
describing me.  I'm not a psychic  What I do is hear things that
other people can't."  Tall, with blond hair, the 45-year-old Alcott is
wearing an aquamarine sweater and black slacks.  Her tone of voice
is low-key and reasonable, her demeanor calm and matter-of-fact.  
In the 14 years since she was seriously injured in a car accident,
she has all but lost her hearing.  However, she says that as this
sense withered, her extrasensory abilities that she had been
cognizant of since a very early age, simultaneously bloomed."
"All of us are born with the ability to communicate freely, to
learn any language and to sense meaning in the movements
of each other and the elements.  However in our
non-indigenous Western cultures, most of us learn to restrict
the band-width of our communications to people in our
immediate environment.  We, thus, lose an essential survival
skill, now more important than ever in this time of sudden and
dramatic Earth changes.  
The Language of Intuition    ."
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Filming on location for
Life Moments
"I 'm a crisis responder, intuitive healer, and counselor
with a master's degree in spiritual psychology.  But most
importantly, I'm a listener.  Together with my hearing
service canine Whisper, in my daily practice I work with
people who are confronting some from of crisis in their
lives.  They may have deep issues--recent or sudden
deaths in their families, exposure to mass critical
incidents, diagnoses of terminal illness, and life
direction decisions--or the simple yet overwhelming
physical toll of everyday stress of a family member who
has special needs. . . Many of the things I observe aren't
visible to most people. .."
Power of Water