"I 'm a crisis responder, intuitive healer, and
counselor with a master's degree in spiritual
psychology.  But most importantly, I'm a listener.  
Together with my hearing service canine Whisper,
in my daily practice I work with people who are
confronting some from of crisis in their lives.  They
may have deep issues--recent or sudden deaths in
their families, exposure to mass critical incidents,
diagnoses of terminal illness, and life direction
decisions--or the simple yet overwhelming physical
toll of everyday stress of a family member who has
special needs. . . Many of the things I observe
aren't visible to most people. .."

"My work allows me to experience many different
energetics in places and with those I go to help.  
Many of the things I observe aren't visible to most
people.  I'm able to experience, listen and see. . . ."

"I do this by using what's currently referred to as a
holographic paradigm, which includes quanta, or
small groupings of energy."

". . . each atom's frequencies are so unique that
every one of us carries a very individual energetic
'snowflake."  What I experience are the different
"signatures" that constitute the fields that permeate
and surround each of us and, in fact, all living
Excerpts from The Healing Power of Water