Recommendations & Testimonials !
I have known Miranda for over three years.  Her perception and intuitive
skills have been extremely accurate and helpful throughout that time.

When Miranda let me know that she was expanding her scope to help
children with special needs, I immediately asked for help with a couple of
non-verbal kids on my caseload as an occupational therapist.

Miranda observed and interpreter for two of my clients.  In both cases her
insights and advice confirmed things we wondered about.  It also brought up
new perspective and ideas.  Both clients and their families benefited greatly
from the information.  We have implemented suggestions and successfully
decreased aggressive behaviors and increased their comfort and calm
focus.  This has improved their quality of life.

I would highly recommend working with Miranda!  I think that it's particularly
helpful for parents of children who are non verbal, or not yet verbal enough to
describe complicated emotions or physical issues.

Kris Worrell
Occupational Therapist, Director
Functional Integrated Therapy
Mablewood, MN
"Imagine that Autism is like a different language spoken by your child
and that all you need to communicate is an interpreter.  
Miranda Alcott is that interpreter."
DawnMarie Kotsonis
“Her [Miranda Alcott's] whole body is like a sensor and a healing
medium. I have always thought that there will be a woman like
this that will appear in front of me, and Miranda is the one.”
Dr. Masaru Emoto, International bestselling author
                              Doctor of Alternative Medicine, President of the
                              I.H.M. General Research Institute Inc, Japan
The connections throughout this process have been incredibly
special, and I bless the day my friend Michele told me about you.  
You are so gifted and exquisitely ethical and I would not hesitate to
recommend you to everyone!
                                                                            Sue Schuermann
She's genuinely gifted - and in ways that make her facilitation unique
and extraordinary."                            Marie Elena - Southern California
Clients often report that they struggle to explain the exceptional level of
value they  received. One said that, “trying to explain Miranda’s gifts is
like trying to describe a sunset to someone who’s never looked
                                                    Brian Whetten, PhD